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Saakhi Gharib Dã Muh – Guru Ki Golak

Saakhi Gharib Dã Muh – Guru Ki Golak

“Gharib Dã Muh – Guru Ki Golak”

  • Poor man’s mouth is the Guru’s coffer.

Guru HarGobind ji once visited Kashmir. There lived his faithful follower Sewa Das who was always longing to serve the Guru. Sewa Das lived in the town of Srinagar ( capital of Kashmir) where the Guru planned to go. On the way, however, another faithful follower, Kattu Shah, met the Guru and requested him to stay with him in his cottage for some days. The Guru promised to stay with Kattu Shah on his way back. He advised Kattu Shah to sing God’s praises and serve the needy. Kattu Shah was very faithful and did as Guru had adviced.

One day a group of pilgrims, on their way to see the Guru, broke their journey at Kattu’s cottage. Kattu served them water and did lot of Sewa. He did all that he could for the Sangat. Kattu himself was very hungry and noticed a honeypot which the pilgrims were carrying for the Guru and requested them to show him the honey. When the pilgrims showed it to him he asked if he could have a little on his finger to taste, but the pilgrims refused, saying, “We cannot offer you any honey because it is meant for the Guru only and we cannot offer your
leavings to the Guru.”

Next day the pilgrims reached the Guru’s camp and placed the offering before him. The Guru looked at the honeypot but declined to accept, saying, “I have asked for the same on the way but you refused.” This shocked the Sikhs who begged for pardon and requested Guru ji to please enlighten them with the knowledge of when did they declined to hand over the honey to Guru ji whereupon he said, “Listen my friends, the idea of the offerings is that those
who can spare should help others in need. The offerings you bring to me are for the common good. God wants us to help and share with the needy. With the help of your offerings, Guru Arjan (5th Guru) started a home for lepers at Tarn Taran (Punjab ). Wherever you find a needy person, place your offerings there and understand that in this way they will reach the Guru. The offerings that do not reach the needy are useless.

Take this honeypot away, this has become unfit for Human consumption as a result of refusing to help the needy in whom is the spirit of the Guru. Go to my kitchen, prepare fresh honey and take it to Kattu Shah at once.”
All the Sikhs bowed before the Guru and understood the right way of making offerings.

gurasikhaa a(n)dhar sathigur varathai chun kadtae ladhhovaarae ||
=> The True Guru prevails among His GurSikhs; they pick out and expel the wanderers. (Guru Raam Daas Ji, Raag Gauree, 312).

s o gu r oo so s ikh h ai bhaaee ji s j oth ee j oth m i laa e ||1|| ( Raag Sorath, 602).
=> He alone is the Guru, and he alone is a Sikh, O Siblings of Destiny, whose light merges in the
Light. ||1||


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