Small Introduction about Sikh Gurus

waheguru ji
waheguru ji
waheguru ji
waheguru ji

Name of Ten Gurus with Date of birth (D O B),
Date of ascension (D O A)
& Guruship on (G S)

1. Shri Guru Nanak Dev
D.O.B. 15-4-1469
G.S. 20-8-1507
D.O.A. 22-9-1539

2. Shri Guru Angad Dev
D O B 31-3-1504
G S 7-9-1539
D O A 29-3-1552

3. Shri Guru Amar Das
D O B 5-5-1479
G S 26-3-1552
D O A 1-9-1574

4. Shri Guru Ram Das
D O B 24-9-1534
G S 1-9-1574
D O A 1-9-1581

5. Shri. Guru Arjan Dev
D O B 15-4-1563
G S 1-9-1581
D O A 30-5-1606

6. Shri. Guru Har Gobind
D O B 19-6-1595
G S 25-5-1606
D O A 28-2-1644

7. Shri. Guru Har Rai
D O B 16-1-1630
G S 3-3-1644
D O A 6-10-1661

8. Shri. Guru Har Krishan
D O B 7-7-1656
G S 6-10-1661
D O A 30-3-1664

9. Shri. Guru Tegh Bahadur
D O B 1-4-1621
G S 20-3-1665
D O A 11-11-1675

10. Shri. Guru Gobind Singh
D O B 22-12-1666
G S 11-11-1675
D O A 7-10-1708

11. Shri. Guru Granth Sahib
G S 7-10-1708

Koi Galti Ho gyi hove ta Khima da jachak haan .. Kirpa karke sudhar dena ji
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